Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Staples Shopping Trip

Okay, so I am suppose to be on a budget
but I could not resist the Staples School Supply Sale
My original intention was to get some bottles of glue.
Staples school glue was on sale for 1 cent if  you 
make a purchase of $5. There is also a limit of two, but 
I wanted at least 24 for my class. I bought 3 containers of
 Clorox wipes for $2 each. I am a teacher and the Staples
 in my area adjusts the limit for teachers. My limit as a
 teacher is 25.I purchased 25 bottles of school glue for
 25 cent. The original price for the glue is $1.79 per bottle.
I also purchased 2 packs of eraser caps for 2 cent and 2 pencil
 cases for 2cent. I only wish I had gotten more pencil cases for 
1 cent, I am sure someone has a great idea for using pencil cases.
I like to purchase small bottles to begin with and fill the bottles with
more glue from my large bottles. Does anyone have a great idea 
for keeping the glue from drying out at the top. A colleague told
me she soaks her bottles in hot water. I applaud Staples for looking 
for teachers! These are deals you can't afford to miss.

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